Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Cabinets Part 1

Yesterday's remodel went... badly. It was one of those days when everything that could have gone wrong did. I couldn't find tools, the glue was all dried up, I cut the molding wrong (short of course), a nail busted the front of one of the moldings, the paint wouldn't dry outside because of the humidity... You name it, it sucked. On the up side I did get two coats of primer on:

Yes, the kitchen is WRECKED, but I like the way the lighter cabinets look.

Here is the wood applique that I added to that funky cornice.

Also be careful who you ask to help you. The humidity was keeping the doors from drying like I wanted so I asked Lou to bring them in for me. He STACKED them up.

Sigh. Here is hoping that day two goes a little more smoothly... or smoothly at all.

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