Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Spider,,, girl?

Spider-Lady? Woman? I can't quite get my Spidey moniker right. I feel after nearly being bitten I should get at least an honorary title... Spider-chick? This morning while I was getting G dressed for the day I picked up his clean shirt (that had been thrown in the floor because - duh - that is where you keep clean clothes!) and this HUGE Brown Recluse spider crawled up my arm. Now we had a serious infestation last summer, but I hadn't seen one alive since last September. I was more than a little freaked so I flicked it off me threw Griffin out his door and smashed the thing into a smeary spot on my shoe. Instead of getting new tires today and spending the day hanging out in Huntsville, I spent the day deep cleaning the boys rooms again (yes, I did this two weeks ago) and spraying evil spider spray all around the edges of the rooms. Mom was really great. She came over and took the boys out swimming while I cleaned and sprayed. I still came out all wheezy and hacking. Have I mentioned the spray is evil? All's well for I am Spider...person. Ugh, just not working.

After church G and I were watering the flowers out front when he was stung ON the BREASTBONE by... a hornet. Poor baby!! Sheesh. Will you stop with the bugs already?! I am fresh out of cleaver names to make this feel like an adventure instead of just being surrounded by crappy insects...

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