Friday, July 10, 2009

Friends and Fruit: my last two days....

Yesterday was all kinds of fun ~ I say with sarcasm ~ because I got to spend 3 hours with my kids getting new tires and front brakes. Well just two of the kids, but that still made for a no fun morning. We did manage to make it out to Esther's house for a play day that afternoon. Here is my ONE picture of all the little faces. I took 6 so that isn't a bad ratio. I can't seem to get blogger to stop rotating it though... hmmm.

This morning we slept in late and joined Mom around lunch time to hit the farmer's market in Decatur. Just... YUM. I will be happy when it isn't too hot to grow green beans again. I'm SO hungry for some fresh ones!

Mom and I spent most of the afternoon cutting peaches to freeze for Mom's new diet. It's hard, but she is off all carbs and nightshade vegetables. She is going to need LOTS of fruits and veggies to eat so we are trying to plan ahead for the winter. While we cut there were several kinds of birds playing in her country flower garden. The Goldfinch and Hummingbird were especially pretty.

I spent some time just puttering around their house with my camera. Never did get a good picture of the birds, but I did get some pretty ones of other things.

Now for movies night with my little boys. :o)

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