Sunday, July 5, 2009

Fabulous 4th of July

After getting up late, we ate our usual Saturday smorgasbord. Griffin really loves the local peaches, but he gets SO sticky that I usually send him outside to eat them. And, yes, he is usually mostly naked.

We headed to Mom's at noon for a cook out with a couple of ladies mom works with at Calhoun. We had a nice HUGE lunch and then Dad set up the slip and slide that Nathan got for their birthdays several years ago.

I tried to explain to Carson that the slip'n'slide didn't hate him, he just needed something other than cut offs... Judging by these pictures after the wardrobe malfunction he didn't believe me:

And all was well... until he landed on that foot and quit for the day. Ah, my Drama King. That also turned out the be the slip'n'slide's last run as well. After several years of taking beatings, it ripped. RIP S'n'S!

After that we headed over to PJ's Fourth of July shindig. The kids had a ball swimming in the baby pool and hot tub and doing the Limbo. Griffin REALLY loved the Limbo.

When it got dark we pulled out the sparklers:

Then after HOURS of begging, the kids finally got their fireworks.

Here is when Phillip decided that eyebrows were highly overrated.

Lou setting off the tanks.

No dads (or kids) were harmed in any of these shots. Yeah, we got lucky!

Here is me and PJ. Thanks for the invite girl! Love ya!


  1. looks like y'all did it up right.

    Eyebrows be damned.

  2. Looks like a GREAT time!

    Miss you Heather, CUsoon