Friday, July 3, 2009

Getting Ready for the 4th

Today was an awesome day. I got up late(ish) and got supper in the crock pot before 10am. I then took off for a girls lunch out with Cris, Alma, Mom and Tristan. Hey the kid is still young enough not to notice it's for GIRLS. Anyway, Logan's was yummy as always. I found out a few months ago that I can special order there and they will mark my food as an allergic customer! How cool is that? I had the fillet mignon, a sweet potato and a veggie skewer and they even bring my rolls sans butter. I got some love from my little buddy and I headed back home to get ready for another day of pool fun.

The Crawford crew arrived in the afternoon and the kids wasted NO time jumping in and showing off all their mad swimming skills to the Dads. Poor Dads miss out on all that "look at me" stuff, but I think they started to catch up today. Griffin was especially hilarious showing us how he can now do an underwater head stand all by himself. It would be even MORE impressive if he could swim back UP again. Good one G! LOL! His swimming is starting to resemble a frog less today. His favorite way to swim is like a little fish (underwater) with his butt sticking up in the air. He can actually move on his own. We may have to start working on keeping his head out of the water. I really wanted him to be comfortable with under the water first.

When everyone was good and waterlogged and the sun had started to abandon us we headed in for a supper of Beans and Corn Bread any way you like it! We had quite the variety going from cheese and ham, to tabasco, to maple syrup. We followed it up with some chocolate cobbler. I can't have it so I got my long awaited local grown tomato. It's not dessert, but what are you going to do. It was delish.

I'm really proud of myself for getting things cleaned up so quickly after Esther's family left. The whole kitchen was cleaned up in about 30 minutes and I even made up some BLT Pasta for the parties we are going to tomorrow. It is really quick and easy. I know you want to take make some for your party too!

BLT Pasta
6 oz pasta
1/2 c finely chopped green pepper
1 tomato, cut into small pieces
4 slices of bacon (or some of those REAL bacon bits)
1/4 C of mayonnaise
Salt to taste

Prepare pasta as directed. Rinse to cool. Add remaining ingredients and stir. Keep chilled.

See? Easy! The green pepper is optional. I like it better with, but since I was fresh out, it is going to be pepper free. I just used the garden rotini pasta instead. Viola! Green. I also tripled the recipe. I have a lot of family and friends to see tomorrow! Bring on the 4th!

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