Sunday, February 28, 2010

End of February Progess

It sometimes feels like I am not getting anything done and it really helps to come here and post about what I did this week. I can SEE the progress and it keeps the melt downs at bay!

I have always been curious about how painting cabinets really works. You can read all about it but what about all that stuff that is IN the kitchen? How long does it take to dry; three hours or two weeks? (I have read both.) So here is what it is really like to paint your kitchen cabinets in one word: MESSY.

While the paint is usually dry to the touch after an hour, I have giving the paint a week to "cure" between coats so that it will stick better. After two weeks with all that stuff staring you in the face, you starts to wonder why do I have all this junk anyway? Also, how much do you really want to lug around to the next house? I'm thinking not much... ~shudder~ ONE more coat of paint and I am calling it good enough. I can't stand this much longer! LOL! I am just waiting for the next day over 50* so that I don't give the boys brain damage. This oil based stuff is STINKY!

Lou and I got the living room revamped with our new desk on Saturday. It looks SO much better with the armoire on the same wall as the TV. I don't think I have any pictures of how it was before, but those of you that remember will be shocked at how much better it looks now.

I still have a hot mess in the school area, but with a book sale coming up this week I think things will be flying out to may car soon!

Next week's agenda includes third coat on the cabinets, first coat on the island and touching up the woodwork around the house. Wish me luck and energy! :o)

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