Saturday, February 20, 2010

Progress at Last

This week has been full of progress. Thank you lists! The wall paper that has been peeling off in the bathroom has been glued down, the cabinets have been sanded, closets have been cleared and the cabinets have MOST of their first coat of primer/paint. What a week! I promise to post finished result pictures.

My primer was interrupted today by a trip to the ER with my youngest. Seems that his big brother beating him in 10-Speed Bike vs. Big Wheel was getting on his nerves so he reached out to grab the bike tire and got his hand caught in the spokes. OUCH! His wonderful Grand-gran was watching him at the time and called us right away to see what we wanted to do. We rushed him to the ER for X-rays. Thankfully nothing they could see was broken or torn so he was bandaged and sent home. We are so blessed! I shudder to think how mangled his hand could have been. As it is, he has several abrasions on the back of his hands, swelling and bruises up to his elbow. Nothing that won't heal with time and a little Tylenol. He opted out of the traditional post ER ice cream... because he wanted crab legs from Red Lobster. LOL! What can I say? The boy takes after his mother!

Next week looks to be another busy one. The list says I have to patch up the cracked drywall from the jacks we put in last summer, prime and paint said cracks, move the furniture to accommodate the new office area and start clearing out this year's old homeschool materials. It is the first year I can start giving away things for pre-school and kindergarten too. :o( Time marches on without regard for a mother's feelings, ya know?

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