Saturday, February 13, 2010

Inspiration to Work From

I have been making slow progress this week on the house. I did manage to buy the Zinsser primer I needed for the cabinets and I have everything sanded and ready to roll-on-the-white-paint! We have been having a cold spell here so all of the outdoor projects are on hold until spring thaw, but with school in full swing and birthday season quickly approaching I will need all the things inside finished, and soon, to be done in time. With so much going on outside of getting the house ready, inspiration has been necessary. Not just for here, but for the house we hope to buy/build. So, just in time for Valentine's Day, here is what makes my heart skip a beat...

Storybook Homes
(Havisham is my favorite)

I am obsessed with Laundry rooms - big ones. Four guys = HOURS of laundry a week. Why would I want to do it in a closet?

Walk in Pantry - isn't it beautiful? Apparently no one in America cooks anymore because finding a house or even house-plan with a real pantry (aka larder) has proven more than a little difficult.

Secret Doors - Carson and I have a deal that we will have at least one of these in our new house.

Country Kitchen - I love the warm familiar feel of a country kitchen.

Window Seat - There is nothing like a window seat to make me want to curl up with a book!

But most of all...
Country Chic: Blackberry Farm Walland, Tennessee | Apartment Therapy DC
Give me land, lots of land...

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