Friday, March 12, 2010

What a Mess

Remodeling takes two steps forward and one back. This week was two forward (the doors got their second coat of paint and they were put back on the cabinets) and one back in the form of this...

Eww. I HATE the old wallpaper from when we moved in. Okay, honestly that isn't the one that was up. See that TINY strip of beige with rust stripes and blue hearts? Yeah, that and a Holly Hobbyesque border were what I stripped to find that beautiful blue paper glued permanently on the dry wall. Thus my love affair with textured wallpaper began. I have a Venetian plaster finish in most of the kitchen and, until yesterday, I had a faux tile on the backsplash. After over an hour of scraping and peeling I had THAT wallpaper back again. So what is the big plan?

Photo from creative little daisy

That my friends it FAUX beadboard! I'm in love. Beadboard without the men. I can cut this, wet this and hang this all by my little lonesome. So when I get that up my kitchen will be nearly complete. Just new hardware and one island to go.

Part of me is sad that I'm finishing this just in time to leave. Sigh. At least what is left of the beadboard is moving with me...

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