Monday, September 28, 2009

Sunny Sunday

Sunday turned out sunny for the first time in weeks and I knew we absolutely had to get the boys out of the house and into the light. I'm calling it PhotoPsychoEudaimonia. Nice eh? After church we stopped at the house to change and pack up a lunch then headed to Sparkman Park. After the sandwiches and fruit were gone the boy went exploring a little. They came running back and told me to "get the camera quick". They had found an almost perfect fairy ring! (above) They loved dancing around it so much that I suggested they look around for more mushrooms since we'd had so much rain. Under the trees, they hit the jack pot:

Can you see all the little brown and red tops?

Griffin's Pancake mushrooms.

When we were finally able to drag the boys away from the 'shroomage, we practiced some tennis. I will have to have Lou take pictures of the older two and I next time.

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  1. Those are SO cool! I need to get out and take more pics... ARGH! So pretty!