Friday, June 5, 2009

Thompson Creek Wild Swim

Tuesday was our first "Wild Swim" of the year with our Roamschool friends at Thompson Creek in Bankhead Forest. The trail is on the west side of the forest which meant we had to drive around the forest to get there on dirt roads - wee! The swimming hole we spent the day at was spring fed - read icy cold - but that didn't stop us. The two rope swings got lots of use by kids of ALL ages. Even I took the plunge. Note to self: hold your nose next time - you can't counteract a foot first fall. My sinuses are now squeaky clean. Ouch. The kids broke out the floats and boats and tooled around most of the afternoon, grazing on the picnic fare as they went. Before we left Griffin made good use of the dirty windows to practice his John Hancock. Nice... I wonder if there is a dirt based writing curriculum...

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  1. I love the Griffin in dust. Too funny! I, like an idiot, washed my car the day before. When I got home it looked like I had been driving across a desert! Complete with 4 girls' reminder to "Wash Me" on the back window!

    Great day,