Sunday, June 28, 2009

Good ending to a Good week

Who knew that such a regular weekend could turn out to hold so much happiness? Lou and I have a standing Saturday night date. We are usually so tired from the previous hours of yard work that we just crash at the house and rent movies, but this week we had a PLAN.

One of the guys that works for the same place as Lou, Glen, and his wife, Karen (UAH voice teacher) were scheduled to be in a production together. Having missed the last one (Jesus Christ Superstar) I was ready to see them in action. Lou and I were opera virgins. We had heard the same opera song that everyone has, but has no idea that they were from an opera. I was super excited though. With good reason! It was FANTASTIC. I got to hear Glen sing the famous Vesti la giubba.

After church today we took the first family swim of the season. Our pool has been plagued with the million little things that have plagued us every year, only this year the little things were all hoses and filter parts and a cold spring slowed us down even more. Sigh. Anyway the pool is ready now!

Misha thinks we are NUTS to be out here in the heat.




Lou cooked us some Bubba burgers for supper. YUM!

We made Big Macs. They are easy to make: Cheese (vegan in my case), lettuce, thousand island dressing and onion slices. Since our burger had the onion IN them we didn't add that to the tray.

Speaking of my tray... I won this cute tray at Laura's Uppercase Living party.

I could have spent a couple hundred bucks there easy, but I was good and left with my party gifts and THIS ordered.

What a fun week!

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  1. Hey, did you eat the burgers or just leave them in the microwave? hehehe!