Monday, September 27, 2010

A Peek at Autumn

Is there anything nicer than the first day of Autumn weather after a LONG HOT summer? I dare you to think of one. The boys and I got a slow start this morning and school in it's paper form was laughable. What to do? The only thing I have found to focus little boys who need to move is to WALK!

We went around the block and when we got the to path through the woods I took it. The boys were SHOCKED. We haven't ever gone down there because 1) there is, sadly, a lot of trash in that valley and 2) it is all down hill when makes it UPhill on the way back. While walking through the woods we found some trash, but much of the really icky stuff had been picked up. Hooray! We even managed to find some treasure of our own:

A Sweetgum leaf in yellow and a perfect Sweetgum ball, a Black-eyed Susan in deep yellow, a bright red dogwood leaf and a HUGE green Poplar leaf.

After we got home we did what should always be done after a cool Autumnal walk - we had tea and examined our treasures more closely. Chamomile for the little ones and a Christmas blend I still have a few of called Sugar Plum Fairy for GA and I.

Griffin also asked to eat his tiny white pumpkin from the farmers market and I had to explain that he had bought the wrong kind to eat. The tiny ones are decorative. We plan to purchase an edible version this week. I also made sure he knew that the brown Styrofoam ones I made last year weren't to eat either. LOL!

Our first taste of Autumn will, no doubt, be fleeting, but we have surely enjoyed it.

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