Saturday, September 25, 2010


Esther, Karen and I made plans on Thursday to meet up with another homeschool group for a special Harriet Tubman speaker at Earlyworks (the local history museum). The speaker was AMAZING.

She had the kids so involved that at one point she was talking about hiding in a tree and gestured to the back of the room and EVERY kid turned around to see the "tree". It was so great!

Here is our group with "Harriet."

Our group seemed to have been the only one that didn't know the program didn't end with the speaker. Our kids were all psyched up to play at the museum, but we spent the next 90 minutes in other classes...

They were good sports considering. Although I have to admit it was MY kid that told the big guy above that using him as a farm animal sounded like a good idea to him. Sigh. I really wanted to explain about the angst caused by the classes, but just couldn't admit that was MY kid. 

They all volunteered to be part of the underground railroad at the last program and then came the costumes and play!

 It seems the girls had spent much of the evening before coming up with a three page plan on what to do with the store and how to handle...

 THE PIRATES! Keilee had it handled. Frying pan, stat!

We stayed about 30 minutes and they started setting up for a fundraiser and pretty much kicked us out. On the way to the car we stopped to play in the fountain that is out back. Fun times!

All in all a great day to homeschool!

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