Monday, May 3, 2010

Inching Closer...

Well my deadline went flying past me two weeks ago. I was seriously bummed, but since the kids and I have been sick, it seems that we couldn't have had many showings anyway. We've gotten a lot of touch up painting and finishing of small projects done, but here a couple of pictures of the things that made a visual impact.

Kitchen chandelier from brass to black
Griffin's bedroom all neutralized and cleared out.

The older boys room has been painted, the bunk bed replaced with two twins and all the toys (except one under the bed storage box) out into storage and generally de-cluttered and cleaned....up...

Oh.... well. Easy come easy go. We'll have to work on keeping things show ready this week. Sigh.

Our last projects are to replace a couple of spots in the siding and fascia boards that have rotted a bit, finish out the sidewalk and to figure out how to replace the pool. Then on the market we go!

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