Monday, May 10, 2010

Laundry Day

Have you ever spent all day doing laundry. I mean, I know we all FEEL like we spend all day doing laundry for our families, but have you ever REALLY? Today is that day for me. As we are still getting ready for our big move (thanks to our old pool being a size they don't make anymore which puts 1500 sq ft of decking at risk or being demolished and us being stuck here another year) I have been trying to spend more time on our clothes - storing, washing, putting away - so that the house is ready for showings should they ever happen.  Lou and I  both have closet organizers that look best with clothing neatly folded or ironed and hung. I am not an ironing kind of girl. I have to admit that my husband often goes to work with even "wrinkle free" clothing that is wrinkled from me folding it and him not putting it away. So today I swallowed what little pride I still possessed and ironed ALL of his clothes and put them away for him. Sigh. It was funny how quickly the chore seemed to go. A good audio book helps to pass the time and if Scarlett O'Hara is up to her mischief, well the clothing practically handles its self. Having my ironing board sitting in the middle of my bedroom made me yearn for a place to take care of all of this without dragging it from the laundry closet room to be washed and dried, to the living room to be folded, to the bedroom to ironed... What I'd really love it this:

Light and bright with a huge sink, counter space to fold, a giant window, plenty of room to hang things... Perfect. Al most makes laundry day fun to day dream about bigger brighter places to do them in.

One of these too and I'll be set...

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