Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Getting ready to sell has become depressing. Thinking that my project list could be completed in three weeks and now staring down the face of twice that has left me deflated to say the least. I'm over getting ready. Can we just try to sell the darn house now? Nope.

In hopes of trying to keep busy I have been working on depersonalizing the house. You know. That part of selling where no one really wants to know how cute your kids are or that you collect paperclips? The beautiful black and white photos I had up of the boys in the hallway were just that kind of thing so today I exchanged them for what I had on hand. Feathers! They turned out pretty well if I say so myself.

I also had a surprise this morning when I went out back. The rose bushes in the back yard were all dead last year. I thought I had cut them all out, but one of them sprung back to life producing a single rose. My youngest had wanted to pick it for me and had broken the stem just 4 inches from the bloom so I carefully cut it and brought it in to enjoy for a while.

I have plans to plant climbing roses and heirloom tea roses at the next house. Something like these:

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