Sunday, August 29, 2010

Goodbye Kittens! ~sniff~

All of the kittens have new homes as of this afternoon. It's amazing how quickly those weeks go by!

Nixie was the first to head to her new home yesterday. The family that took her have another kitten at home and wanted a playmate for her.
The twins: Nixie and Baron

Baron and Croft went another family with lots of kids and pets to play with as well. I know they will be well loved at their new home!

Croft playing DS

Baron sacked out!

Boone and Kuma are still with us while their families prepare for them.


I'm awfully glad they are "trickling" out like this. It'll be tough not seeing that huge pile of kittens outside the back door or loosing a kid and finding them snuggling kittens on the back step. Winter was still nursing them pretty often. I'm sure she is worried about the missing babies. She has been such a good mommy!

As much as I've enjoyed the kittens (fleas and all!) I'm glad there is a date marked at the end of the month that says "Winter Spay 8:15".

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  1. Awwww, how cute! Billy's bro kept offering us one of theirs, but with the pregnancy and knowing the dogs seem to like "cat" food, there was no way! ;o) Glad you found homes for them, they are beautiful!