Sunday, January 31, 2010

Blog? What blog?

It seems like the faster my life moves the more I get myself in gear. Maybe I just work well under pressure. The fact that I want nothing more than an empty calendar serves as a testament to my lazy bone being in good health. So setting a pressure date should be helpful right? Lou and I have set a House On the Market Date of the first of May. Why are we moving? We have three very active boys, their entire school, my husband's home office as well as housing my various hobbies and a huge hairy dog in just under 1600 sq ft of house sitting on just under an acre of tree covered land. It is just not comfortable to say the least. Having two of the boys sharing a 12 x 10 room is more than uncomfortable for all involved. There is also the matter of my hating living in town. I don't like having neighbors. Mine aren't so bad, it's just that they are THERE and I can hear them and their pets at all hours. I am itching to get my home moved somewhere with space and silence - well until my kids are awake anyway. Somewhere with (I can't believe I am saying this) fewer trees so there is enough sunlight to grow a tomato and enough room to plant a real garden. I have even tossed the idea of chickens or bees out there which caused Lou's eyebrows to form this alarming W shape - wonder what that means...

So here is the count down: 12 weeks until D-day and 14 projects (some major) that need finished before the house is show ready. Updates forth coming. Wish me luck!

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