Monday, January 4, 2010


I've been a bit bored with my living room. I mean I love the new look (couch, lamps, freakin' enormous TV), but the Bungalow Gold and White with more Bungalow Gold was getting on my nerves. I need COLOR! Since I have the same color in a lighter shade in the kitchen/dinning room AND hall, I decided to try to tie it all together using the accent color in the kitchen - blue! But not just blue - no. I wanted blue and RED with my gold.

There is NOTHING in blue and red unless you want a flag. Ugh. After four different stops I finally found a color and pattern I liked with all three of my colors in it at Hobby Lobby! JOY! A second stop at Hancock Fabrics yielded me some reminents in coordinating colors and some notions to finish things off; a little more blue, some red, a few zippers so I can wash the darn things, a few hours of sewing... and viola! Pillows for all!

There is one pillow in the top picture that I didn't sew, but even my Mom couldn't tell which one. I am pretty proud of that! Three of the five pillows are feather stuffed and wonderfully comfy. That is SO much better! Now if I could just find some edging in those colors for my curtains...

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