Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Seasons of Change

This season has been one of change for me. New beginnings are fine with me, but I don't generally like endings. While out shopping last weekend, I found a sale at Belk's that included great discounts on the Kristen Davis collection. As I was checking out I mentioned how happy I am at Christmas when I can and buy her pieces without busting my budget. The sales girl informed me that the line was being discontinued and that is why it was all on sale. WHAT? First my favorite magazine and now my favorite designer. After the demise of the Ashely Judd collection LAST Christmas (along with Goody's), I still can't believe that I am loosing the only other line I like and can (sometimes) afford! So, here is a photo montage of the Kristen Davis pieces I own.

Love this turtleneck. It has just the right amount of stretch...

Icey gray slacks that look BORING on the hanger, but fit me great!

I was SO thrilled to find this one - the perfect little black dress. It looks like it was cut just for me. Only $35!

These are a few of my older pieces. This one gets worn ALL the time.

Navy blue, short sleeved and oversized with slouchy pockets: another favorite!

This silky tunic top is beautiful on.

I just can't believe they are stopping this line too. It seems like every time I find a designer I like they get sacked. Maybe I just have bad taste? Expensive taste? Bad luck in tastes? Or maybe this is just another season and another change. Sigh.

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