Thursday, December 10, 2009

Gift Ideas

While 90% of my gifts are bought and wrapped, there is that mystery 10% that I WANT to get a gift, but just don't have the cash or time to get what I really want purchased or made. Thrifty Gifty to the rescue!

I have loved reading Holly's blog: Homebody. It has some great ideas year round, but the ideas on there for Christmas have been AWESOME!

My idea for the day is Homemade Carpet Deodorizer. Ooooh...

You start out with baking soda. The big bag like this is in the pool section of your local store. It runs about $20. We have had it around for our pool, but now that the pool has died (RIP pool) I get to use it for projects. You will only need about 1-2 cups for this project.

The second ingredient is scent. I bought this Elegant Expressions at WalMart for about $2. You only need about 5 drops for this project, but if you get more in there it won't hurt anything.

The next part is the "hard" part. Put both ingredients in a toss away container (you don't want to reuse it later as the oils are toxic) and shake until well mixed.

To make it look nicer as well as easier to use, I am packaging it in these cute sugar shakers that I got at the Dollar Tree. I printed out tags I made on the computer and tied them on with string. If you are giving them as gifts it is a good idea to use some plastic wrap under the lid so it doesn't spill during transfer.

There you have it! For $1 per sugar shaker and about .25 in ingredients, you can make something useful and unique!

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