Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Make Overs

I have been short on words lately and also on photographs. Seems like I can't get myself to take any "real" shots of anything lately, so you will have to bear with me with a few more mediocre shots of random stuff from this week.

Last night was my Mary Kay party. Trish did a great job with the glamor party despite her lack of script. ;o) It was a lot of fun to play with the colors! Check me out, I clean up okay!

Sheesh, smile woman!

I have been looking for pillows for my couch for a while. It came with FIVE huge pillows in matchy fabric, but they didn't really do much but push you off the couch. Did I mention they were HUGE? Anyway, after searching at TJ Maxx for several weeks I decided that what I needed were cheap pillows. Cheap feather pillows at that - not more than $20 for the pair. I know, Good luck with that, huh? Well guess what I found at my favorite thrift store?

They are feather and the embroidered raw silk is beautiful, but I'm not sure about the color. I figured out why they were there - the tassels are falling off everywhere, so I am going to cut them down to a fringe. I paid... $4 for the pair of them. Oh yeah! If I decide to recover them later, it is still WELL within budget.

For the last nine months my front door has been... pink. Yeah. Well, when I picked out the main color for the house it was a card set and pink was the color listed for the door. I thought, what the heck. We'll give it a go! I hated it. After nine months, I still hated it. Sunday I had had enough. I went to Lowe's and picked up a quart of Treetrunk and repainted that puppy!

After I got the door done the brass fixtures looked icky so I painted them with bronze flecked rustolium that matched the iron work in the door. MUCH better. Now I just need to repaint the shudders... black maybe? Ugh. Anyway, I love my new door!

One of my home projects I had been putting off was hanging my order from Uppercase Living. LOVE their stuff!! I think the instructions freaked me out: measure, level, second person, rub this way not that way... Over-thinking gets me in all kinds of procrastination. So I just put it up and stopped thinking about it. Turned out great and it was easy! It is hanging above my piano, the guitars and my violin. Perfect!

Now to finish up a few more of my procrastinated projects...


  1. Maybe its the light, the lipstick colour is not so fabulous. Come back to London I'll get you some RED!!! lol! ( that whole comment was my silly attempt at humour)
    I like the Music script on the wall.. Awesome..

  2. Hey there! Love the door, and the Music over the piano is gorgeous. If only I could get my butt up to get some stuff done here! UGH!!!