Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Pictures

Christmas Eve was at Mom and Dad's house this year. Tristan was his cute little self. I loved his mashed potato technique. Spoon + fingers = mess! Yeah!

He was also not excited about the ribbon I put on his gift. Ew! Static! Shake that crap off!

Tristan tells Dad, "Cut box Grandpa!"

Griffin loves a gift card! Thanks Auntie Lolie and Uncle Nate!

Austin now owns all three seasons of The Muppets - he was stoked.

And look! I was there too! My Mom and Dad got me the pocket sized camera I wanted. I was SO surprised!

Christmas morning dawned bright and early this year. Here are the boys being sweet and letting me make one picture before they dig in!


Carson was trying not to be disappointed. He wanted a bike, but he really wanted a DS. Look at that face! He was like, "Oh... a bike... that's... great!"

Griffin got me Bionicals! Life is still good!

Austin told him to open his other gifts darn it! He was in on the big surprise this year. (Mistake! Don't let the 11 year old in on secrets that you want secret. At least he didn't tell before!) But check out his face in the picture! Rapture! I got the bike AND the DS!!

He got right to playing.

Griffin actually noticed that he got EVERYTHING on his list this year. You have to love when they are all in budget!

Needless to say he was one happy kid! At breakfast he sighed and said "This was the best Christmas EVER."

Austin is getting so big. His present opening is much less exciting these days - lots of electronics and a couple of "thanks Mom"s. I about killed him the second time. It's the only time of year I tell him STOP thanking ME! LOL!

Austin's favorite gift this year is his Swiss Army knife. That was all me and I may regret it later, but I think he is old enough. Let's hope he is also smart enough!

Lou likes to get them all a Daddy Present. This year is tiny remote controlled cars.

Lunch at Mom's house again that afternoon. We were enjoying watching Carson play his new DS.

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