Friday, November 13, 2009

When Pools Explode

Our pool died spectacularly this week. We discovered the aftermath on Thursday morning. See how the metal flashing is embedded in the steps?

The lack of leaves makes a perfect border to see where the water went. See the REALLY heavy filter up against the deck?

The water was so high that it came up about four feet onto the deck...

and took out any grass that was brave enough to grow in the shade.

The AC unit got knocked off it's foundation about 10 inches and was saved by the last 7 inches of bush stump we couldn't remove last summer.

The 50 lb 2x10 used to be UNDER the deck.

The water blasted half way across the neighbors yard as well. Sheesh!

THAT was a LOT of water...


  1. OHH my! I had to come from Cindy's blog at Cottage Instincts and see what happens when a pool explodes! I can not believe that. I am so sorry you have to deal with the clean up now. Try to have a good weekend.