Thursday, November 19, 2009

When Black Attacks

Refinishing is great - when you actually FINISH it. So I am happy to announce that I did indeed finish something yesterday! ~applause~ Thank you, thank you!

Here is the before of my little half table from a while back:

These two side lamps I picked up at the Asbury Thrift store for $7 a piece:

Let me tell you that when you start to paint in 40* weather, the results can be scary. The Rust-oleum paint (in textured matte black) started to drip off the first lamp sending me running for paper towels to wipe up with. Just when I was starting to wonder if I needed to sand them first, laziness kicked in and I just tried again. This time it worked. Shwoo! Just a quick word on working with spray paint: if you think you have enough newspaper out to cover the garage floor you are ALWAYS wrong. So here are the end results of the table and lamp make over. (I'm not showing you my garage floor.)

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