Thursday, February 16, 2012

Intersecting Lines

Today we took a field trip to the Birmingham Art Museum for a new tour called Intersecting Lines: Math in Art. It was so cool! The docent talked to the kids about math concepts while pointing out pieces that demonstrated the ideas.

Obtuse and acute angles, diagonal and intersecting lines.

Symmetry and pattern

Area, multiplication, tessellation

Right angles, symmetry, and color patterns.
Major math concepts were needed to insure high winds wouldn't turn this sculpture into a death trap.
My guys hadn't been to this museum since they were little. As in G was in a stroller little. Here they are way too grown up. Sigh.
We had some time to kill before the tour so this is what we did...
Playing around the falls

Don't let them fool you...
It's usually more like this.
When the tour was over we checked out some of our favorite pieces.
Art is fun!


Thunderbird Totem

Afterwards we headed over to the McWane Center for some quality science time!

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