Thursday, February 9, 2012


School has been going much smoother around here since our reboot. Everyone is happy with more music, more projects, more fun and less busywork. Especially me! Which is strange when you think about it, because straying away from a curriculum puts lots more work and strain on the teacher. It is worth it when your seven year old asks to listen to the cell song again because he didn't learn all the words yet. Score!

This week our lessons have been tiny. Minute. Micro in fact. It started off with this song:

Is that not the coolest? The boys LOVED it and so we kicked off our study on the smaller things in life. Just to keep them in the cell mindset we colored these pictures from Crayola's web site:

Tomorrow for supper we are having something fun to cell-ebrate the end of the week. A animal cell pizza like this one from Journey 2 Excellence.

We have been talking about size and scale with the boys for math, so one of the assignments this week fit right in with our Lego Club assignment. This week we were supposed to build something that was a smaller scale than a mini-figure. C picked out an Egyptian tomb.

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