Saturday, April 25, 2009

Hobbit Breakfast

I have a problem. I like a big breakfast and I like to sleep in. The two don't mix well unless you are into brunch... I have been trying to put together a list of breakfasts that are hardy, tasty, dairy-free and quick enough to get those extra few minutes in the morning. Our current favorites are BLET's (BLT's with Eggs) and Hobbit Breakfast.

Here is the Menu:
Giant Sausages
Eggs and Onions
Fried Mushrooms
Fresh fruit (or jelly)
Coffee (hot chocolate if you haven't hit puberty yet)

If you are a nerd like me you know that technically this is first and second breakfast together. First breakfast usually consisted of protein and heavy carbs and second of lighter fare, like toast and fruit.

Grocery list:
6-8 eggs
one onion (I prefer Vidalia)
Carapelli Extra Virgin Olive Oil
2 pc of Bread per person
8 oz baby bella mushrooms
seasonal fruit
giant fresh sausages - Publix makes sausages in house, without preserving chemicals, that are WONDERFUL. I like the country breakfast version, but is you want to toss things up the Italian or chirozo, they are good too.

Start your coffee. Get the sausages cooking in shallow water in a frying pan on medium high heat. In two separate pans start 2 Tbs of EVOO each, on medium heat. Add one chopped onion to the first and the sliced mushrooms to the second. When the sausage is browned one side, flip them over. When the onions are almost translucent, add the eggs and mix until the eggs are fully cooked. Remove the eggs and onions as well as mushroom pan from the heat. Start toast. Slice fruit. Now your sausages should be fully cooked and you are ready to dig in!

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