Friday, April 3, 2009


I can find no way to spell that with a french accent. Ah well. Someone feel free to enlighten me. I took my three budding artists to Skate Day today for NACHO. I was freaking out a bit since it is now 6 days (5 1/2 from this moment, but who is counting) until Field Day and I am in charge. It looks like I will have a great turn out IF the weather holds. Anyway, I was freaking out and a little out of sorts. My guys had turned in their color sheets this month and all three won FIRST PLACE!! Okay so I think only one other kid entered, but darn it...

Sigh, so charming.

I took them out to ice cream at Kaleidoscoopes for a celebration. It is amazing to me that even though Austin and Carson colored the same picture it looks nothing alike.

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