Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Another Mommy-Griffin Day

Griffin loves his Tuesdays to have his mommy to himself. He gets all giggly and wiggly just thinking about it. Have to admit that I do too. There is something so sweet about spending time one on one with your kids. Today was the last story time at the library for the summer. They always end it up with a park day and we have never made it to one until today.

Here is the story with Ms Doris.

Snacking on some CapriSun and s'mores-in-a-bag while he listens.

Making a kite...

and flying it!

Relay races.


Play time on the playground.

After we were done there we headed to the library to pick up books and movies and then to meet Mom for lunch at Big Bob's. He even seemed to like getting groceries today because we went to "Stinkin' WalMart". We got a picture of the WalMart goose as well. Anyone else notice this guy? He's been there for at least two weeks now.


  1. I can't imagine how it would be to have to share me with 3 kids! I know you must enjoy one on one time. :)

    Kei calls WalMart, "that evil place", and we haven't noticed the duck. Where is it?


  2. It has been hanging out in the grassy area between WM and Spring Ave. Sometimes behind Zaxby's.