Monday, October 10, 2011

Happy Bike-iversary!

Lou and I will celebrate our 14th (gulp) wedding anniversary tomorrow. It is SO hard to believe that we have been married that long. We've hit a lovely point in our marriage where were are comfortable with ourselves and each other. Enough that this year we are choosing to celebrate late. We had a wonderful trip to Nashville a few weeks ago and we have a family trip to the beach planned for Thanksgiving so I saw no reason to spend the money. Lou however had a brilliant idea...

This, folks, is my first new bike in 20 years and the first working one I've had in 15. She has that great rack in the back for a basket (picnic anyone?), wide handlebars and a seat built for comfort. Anyone who knows me know she is a little... girly for me. Lou made sure to point out how funny I looked in my black t-shirt, camo pants and aviator glasses riding a bike that could be named Bertha. I told him to hush. She is lovely and rides like a dream. Here are a few pictures from our five mile inaugural family ride.

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