Monday, October 3, 2011

Day Zero

I have started a new project. Just what I needed right? This one, however, is just for me. It's called Day Zero. The premise is that you have 1001 days to finish the 101 things on your list. Fun right? It's a great way to make yourself stretch a bit on a time schedule. Just what I've been needing! You see I have all these things on my daily list that are just... boring. "Clean the laundry room, take cat to vet, explain schoolwork to kids..." You know the drill. Anyway, I'm having a ball thinking of things I have never done that I want to try, or start doing again, in the next three years.

 Here is a bit of a sample:

# 5. Learn to identify 10 (new) constellations.
#14. Learn to change my own oil.
#29 Audition for a musical

#48 Memorize two new piano pieces
#60 Visit Scotland

So far I'm up to a list of 68 things for the next three years. Anyone have any suggestions of things to add?

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