Thursday, August 11, 2011

Thursday Thinking

Things I'm thinking about today:

1) Tree houses. Our visit to Katy's house got me thinking about building a tree house here. After checking out the backyard, there are only two places it could go and not touch a power or phone line. Hrm. Not ideal, but I'm just dreaming... right?

2) Bed Frame Bench. Along the lines of building again, I'm wanting to make a bed frame bench to go on my back deck. Mom and Dad were kind enough to lend me their four piece outdoor seating arrangement for showing the house, but they will need it back when the weather turns nice. Especially because Dad built a new deck! They have an old frame with a cracked foot that will work out perfectly for me!

3) Bedroom Switcharoo. It's high time Austin had his own room. Part of us wanting to move was about each of our boys having some personal space (doesn't really happen in a shared 10x 10 room) so we are putting the younger boys together and I'm hoping to redo GA's room into something like these:

4) Gardens. If I'm staying, I'm going to put in all those things I've been waiting for our permanent house to put in:

Climbing roses out back
A line of Berries so I can stop picking on the side of the road
Hostas, hostas and more hostas. Did I mention the shade?
Azaleas. They are the only thing that will flower in all that shade as well.

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