Monday, August 8, 2011

Oh the Weather Outside is Frightful...

August in Alabama is frightful. I know that song refers to the freeze-fest that is a northern winter, but in the deep south, August rules for bad weather. If the weather is nearing triple digits with humidity in a range that favors gills, it's best to come up with some things to do INDOORS.

Like build a fairy house! Griffin and Carson had made me these pencil holders for Mother's Day a couple years ago as a free project at Lowe's. We just aren't pencil holder people. With their permission, we turned them into fairy houses for a fairy garden we are working on in the back yard.

We also attended VBS. It was Panda-licious.

 There has been a lot of building going on. Loads of Legos, Bionicals and Bey Blades have made our indoor time creative time as well.

 This is our neighborhood mystery cat. She turned up a few months ago and we know she is somehow related to our Winter. Mother? Sister? Who can tell. We've named her Mrs McGonagall because of her "spectacle" markings, but you can call her Minerva. We spend time musing over the relationships of the cats, if she has a family (she spends a lot of time in our driveway watching over our cats) and whether she is really an animagious.
Of course the ultimate indoor time filler is school. My Mom had to have her hip replaced at the end of July, so the boys and I started school while we cared for her. While it might seen cruel and unusual to start school two weeks early, I guarantee we will all be glad for some time off in the beautiful October weather! Here Griffin is showing off the start of his Diorama for Apologia's Swimming Creatures.

Of course we can't stay inside forever. [Seriously, have you ever been trapped in a house with three rambunctious boys?] Tomorrow, I'll fill you in on our outdoor doings as well.

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