Thursday, October 11, 2012

September Ends and October Begginings

It's hard to believe that September flew by without a word from me on here, but with our new schedule, I'm finding it hard to squeeze the boys off the computer in the afternoons and in the evenings I'm wiped out! I'll post more about our school "curriculum" soon.

We did manage to get in a few fun days as September merged into October.

Park Day with our Roamies

His Bama game day Crimson.

C on the ice.

This was G's big excitement for the week!

Cub Scouts are in full swing with Popcorn Sales filling empty weekends.
Sometimes thrifting pays. This costume that looked to have never been used was $2.

Cats are hard to photograph

 This was today's fun activity. The library we frequent in the next big town held a homeschool viewing of the J. K. Rowling webcast this morning. G was really excited AFTER the fact when he realized it had been live although he was still disappointed it wasn't in PERSON. :o)

 Just for fun, as we were leaving the Cub Scout meeting, I saw what I thought was a caterpillar on my car. After a closer inspection it was revealed to be... a mustache! With a house full of boys I supposed it was just a matter of time before "Ol' Bessie" turn on me as well! HA!

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