Monday, August 20, 2012

Our Ninth Year Begins!

It is hard to believe that I have been lucky enough to homeschool for the last NINE years, even though that number makes me feel old. Wasn't I in high school then?

Today is actually our 22nd day of school for the 2012-2013 year. We have been very busy getting into our new schedule and it's been going really well. Maybe it takes ten years to really know what you are doing in any job. I wish I'd had the guts to put my troops on a schedule like this years ago, but I think at the time, having no schedule worked just as well for them. Maybe not for me, but they thrived on it. This time I wanted to come at the school year as a whole and with a plan. Strange as that may sound to some, it's new to me. We have always done child based learning where we have flown through some subject and lingered for weeks on others all based on what they wanted to explore. This time I had a list of things that I really wanted to do with them.

Our schedule:

Morning Moving (PE)
Devotional and Bible Memory
History (Monday and Tuesday) or Science (Wednesday and Thursday)
Math/Music/Game rotation
Daily Assignment (Art, Home Care, Library, friends, ect)

So far this schedule as worked out really well for us. We don't always stick to it, but we managed to get everything done everyday. Homeschooling Gold!

Today's assignment is History and we are making our way through Story of the World Volume one. It's perfect for the younger boys, but for Austin's freshman year, it is too light, so I've added a book list for him to read in addition to our regular work. After studying dinosaurs this summer, we've hit prehistory, earliest writing and the uniting of Egypt. This week we are in the Old Kingdom of Egypt and are studying Mummies and Pyramids.

This is King Poultron. What, you've never heard of him? He's huge on Jimmy Neutron! Hardy harhar. Anyway, we have begun his mummification process as lined out in the SOTW activity book.

Removing the organs - ew.

Digging for organs

Patting dry and mixing the soda and salt

Pouring in the mix

This little man is VERY excited!

We can't wait to see if this actually works. I hope it does. I have a weak stomach! HA!

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  1. That's AWESOME!!!! I have seen the mummification of an apple on Pinterest, but a chicken? That's just too cool. Please keep me updated! :)