Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Debember 2011

 December held our first try outs for a play. A and G were both excited about the idea, but C opted out. My middle kid that LIVES in costumes and play acts all the time? Yep that one. Anyway, after some initial nerves, they both made the cut! Wizard of Oz, here we come!

 Christmas Eve at my Mom and Dad's is always a blast. We were lucky enough to get Cris to come as well as Dolores' cousin Lizette.

 These necklaces are ones the boys designed for me as a Christmas present with a little help from Mom. G's is the shorter and C's is the longer. They both picked wings for me. :o)

 Lou's office party is one of the few times of the year that we get to dress up.
 I checked an item off my Day Zero list; see the Nutcracker Suite.
 G's Cub Scout pack marched in the parade.Since they were near the front, they also got to watch it!

 Our church Christmas Play.

 Our Tree
Roamschoolers' Dirty Santa - SO fun!

 Galaxy of Lights in Huntsville

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  1. What a great December!!! We didn't go to Galaxy of Lights and I LOVE it. Beautiful pictures.