Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Four Seasons

I have missed having four seasons. I mean here in the deep south we do have three seasons (cool, warm and hotter than the dickens), but I missed having four real and solid seasons to go through.  This year I got my wish.

Our Spring was cooler than usual and lasted until May. Usually in May we are all dying of heat stroke and swimming every evening. Not this year. It was cool and rainy. Camp-outs and warm weather activities had to wait. We prepared to sell our house. All the preparations were ready by the end of April. Well, almost all.

Summer came with all it's usual fury to the Southland. Temperatures soaring into triple digits with humidity nearing the same. The rain stayed through most of the season so there was plenty of goodies to be had at the local markets. Lou searched for an above ground pool to fit our existing deck. It took all summer to find and get in and set up.

Autumn this year was quieter than usual. The rains tapered off and the colors were muted. The leaves didn't turn as quickly or as prettiely as they sometimes do. Fall this year was more brown and less red. We started school with little excitement. There was a house to be sold and a move to be ready for; we were finally on the market. Several showings later, we were still hopeful.

Winter this year has been strangely white. Snow after snow has fallen, until the local schools have added Saturday school days to the schedule to make up for all the days off. I have loved it. The quiet that comes with being snowed in is in stark contrast to the business of the rest of my year. The house didn't sell and we didn't move. Instead we waited out the quiet.

And still we wait. Spring has been teasing us the past two weeks with warm temperatures and sunshine. I feel ready for the new beginning in a way one only can after a real winter. The house finally showed again this weekend after weeks of nothing. No offer came. Big decisions loom ahead and change is in the air.

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