Tuesday, June 29, 2010

5 Kittens

Five baby kitten born on the evening of the 22nd. Winter has been SUCH a good momma to them. I was worried she would balk at the task since she is so young, but she has been just wonderful.

Her most difficult task has been to make sure they stay in the cat house. These babies are HUGE and that gray kitten is a rascally little one! He mewed on his second day and comes to the edge of the box when he hears us - even with his eyes shut.

The boys are dying to get their hands on them, but Winter is a very nervous mommy. If we start peeking in there too much she rushes in and lays on them. I had to give her some serious cat scratching to get these pictures and she still kept looking over to make sure I wasn't getting TOO close. Hopefully she will allow better shots soon.

It has been 20 years since I had kittens around. I've forgotten how sweet they are. We are hopeful that we can place them all in good homes. We think two may be spoken for. Poor Winter. She has about six weeks before her surgery can be scheduled, but I'm dreading it. We just can't keep making babies FIVE at a time... I'm thinking that we will have a policy about showing for the house - make an offer or take a kitty. ;o)

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  1. They are just SO cute! I'm glad Winter's being such a good mommy.